Connie G. 1925-2018

Connie lived a good life. She raised a family, worked hard, helped many and had a career that spanned over 50 years, working until her 81st birthday. She was loved by all who met her and considered a source of wise inspiration

Senators and their wives from DC, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts and Connecticut regularly visited her antique shop every summer on their way to Rangeley. Connie learned to love living on our little farm. Our turkey, Tommy Toones, would always come and sit near her in the yard. Delighted by the chickens she would talk to them and laugh at their antics. New hatchlings were kept in a tank in the breezeway until they were old enough to join the big birds. Connie could hear them peeping from her room. “I just love the sound of chicks in the house,” she would say wistfully. But her favorites were the 4 cats and they loved her, too

She was truly part of the Greatest Generation. She is sorely missed.

Connie left us in August. She was almost 93 years of age.